Monday, February 22, 2010

Great Booklists for Young Listeners

Booklists for Young Listeners:

  • Brooklyn Public Library: Lists for each age group, grouped by age-appropriate features.
Books for Babies:
Books for Toddlers:
Books for Preschoolers:

  • Hennipin County Library: Search their Early Literacy Storytime Ideas Exchange (ELSIE) to find books that emphasize a particular early literacy skill. Newest titles appear first.

  • King County Library System: Printable Booklists for each age group.
Books for Babies.pdf
Books for Toddlers: Toddlers.pdf
Books for Preschoolers: Preschoolers.pdf

  • Multnomah County Library: Lists for each age group.
Favorites for Babies:
Favorites for Toddlers:
Favorites for Preschoolers:

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