Monday, February 22, 2010

What Preschoolers Like In Books

What Preschoolers Like In Books (4 - 5 Years of Age)
  • Books that tell stories
  • Books that make them laugh
  • Books with simple text they can memorize
  • Books about kids that are like them - also books that introduce children who are different from them
  • Books about going to school and books about making friends
  • Books that have playful or rhyming language
  • Alphabet books, counting books, and vocabulary books
  • Books about the real world - trucks, dinosaurs, insects

For Print Motivation:

  • Non-Fiction Books can follow a preschooler's fascination about the world around them. Let them know the things they love can be found in books!
  • Repeated Phrases and Patterned Texts Books make it easy for preschoolers to jump in and participate.
  • Read an old favorite of yours. Your enthusiasm will be contagious!

For Phonological Awareness:

  • Song Books are a great way to help them hear the smaller sounds in words. Preschoolers will enjoy song collections that keep everyone singing!
  • Rhyming Books can have a good rhythm to the language, even if they are not written in formal "poem" stanzas. They are some of the best ways to build phonological awareness skills.
  • Preschoolers are ready for longer rhyming collections.

For Vocabulary:

  • Picture Books build vocabulary because they have more "rare" words than our casual conversation.
  • Books that incorporate questions to the reader are great conversation starters. The more we talk with our children, the larger their vocabularies will be.
  • ABC Books often are full of objects to name and things to discuss.

For Narrative Skills:

  • Stories that explore daily events, the passing seasons, or steps involved in making something, help children understand sequence.
  • Hearing different versions of familiar folktales help make children aware of the basic structure of a story.
  • Wordless and Nearly Wordless Books let children tell stories in their own words.

For Print Awareness:

  • Books about reading and writing are great ways to help build a child's interest in and awareness of books and print.

For Letter Knowledge:

  • Preschoolers are starting to learn letter sounds as well as letter shapes. You can use I Spy Books to look for objects that start with a certain sound.
  • Preschoolers are also ready for more sophisticated alphabet books that play with letter shapes, letter sounds, and vocabulary.
Search-and-Find Books give preschoolers a chance to practice differentiating between shapes and objects. Make sure the books are not to easy.

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