Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Storytime Sample

Here's a sample Storytime Plan from Granby Public Library for the Preschool Story Hour on April 15, 2009.

Storytime Plan
Spring Time

Welcome and Closing Song: "The More We Get Together"

  • Bear Wants More; by Karma Wilson [Narrative Skills, Print Motivation, Print Awareness, & Vocabulary]
  • Flora's Surprise!; by Debi Gliori [Narrative Skills, Vocabulary, & Print Motivation]
  • Muddigush; by Kimberley Knutson [Phonological Awareness]
  • Spring an Alphabet Acrostic; by Steven Schnur [Print Awareness, Phonological Awareness, Letter Knowledge, & Vocabulary]
  • Spring is Here Grumpy Bunny!; by Justine Korman [Narrative Skills & Vocabulary]
  • Spring's Sprung; by Lynn Plourde [Phonological Awareness]
  • Splish, Splash, Spring; by Jan Carr [Print Motivation, Phonological Awareness, & Vocabulary]
  • Stuck in the Mud; by Jane Clarke [Narrative Skills, Vocabulary, Print Awareness, & Print Motivation]
  • When will it be Spring?; by Catherine Walters [Narrative Skills, Print Awareness, & Vocabulary]
  • Did you ever see a bunny hop so......(fast, slow, backward, & on one foot)
  • 10 Little Bunnies (Counting on fingers ending in claps or bunny hop)
  • Open Shut Them
  • Itsy, Bitsy, Spider
  • Bear Hunt
  • Bunny Hokey Pokey (with Bunny Puppets)

Early Literacy Tip for Parents & Caregivers:
  • Helping children get involved in the story makes reading more fun. They can guess what will happen next, count, or repeat phrases.
  • Paper bag Bunny Puppets
  • Hop Parade with Bunny Puppets

Observations and Feedback:

  • Books Read:
  1. Spring Sprung (illustrations are beautiful, but the concept of Mother Nature in a human/nature form was hard for preschoolers to grasp; however, great questions were asked, "Why is the mother green?" and "She looks like the hill.")
  2. Bear Wants More (was followed by a successful Bear Hunt, which the children loved! The children got involved in the story and repeated the phrase, "but bear wants more" with little prompting.
  3. Stuck in the Mud (Relate our Mud Season with spring. Great book for Print Motivation! Children liked the animals and repeated who was stuck with the appropriate animal sounds, plus counting the baby chickens and animals stuck.)
  4. Flora's Surprise! (Parents liked this story a lot. It's cute and it's a great lead into the bunny puppets or in the future a lead into a gardening project. Children repeated "It's a house".)
  • Fingerplays/Songs:
  1. As always the Bear Hunt is successful.
  2. "Did You Ever See a Bunny" and the "Bunny Hokey Pokey" were also great ways to expend energy.
  • Crafts/Activities:
  1. Paper bag Bunny Puppets were a hit! Pieces were already cut out, so they could focus on gluing and decorating their bunnies. A demonstration of assembling a puppet was very helpful to the children.
  2. In the Bunny Parade we use the skills we learned in the "Did You Ever See a Bunny" hopping slowly, fast, backward, and on one foot around the room.


  1. Tegan thanks for doing this. I intend trying these ideas

  2. Wow... you folks in Grand County LD are doing a terrific job. Many thanks!!!