Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Early Literacy Storytime

We've got the Six Pre-Reading Skills under our belt and we know a bit about child development, but how can we create an Early Literacy Storytime?

What is Early Literacy Storytimes?

Early Literacy Storytimes or Literacy-Enhanced Sotrytimes or Literacy-Based Storytimes are a response to brain research. They are storytimes that model for parents and caregivers ways they can help a child develop the Six Pre-Reading Skills.

Key elements in a Early Literacy Storytime are:
  • Parents and caregivers are strongly encouraged to attend storytimes with their children and have fun.
  • At least one Early Literacy Skill is highlighted during each storytime.
  • The storytime leader models activities during the storytime that builds Early Literacy Skills.
  • Books and activities selected promote the use of Early Literacy Skills.
  • Information is given to parents and caregivers either verbally, through a handout or both about ways they can build Early Literacy Skills with their child/children at home.

"There is substantial data proving that programs which promote the growth and development of young children are the best investment for developing human capital necessary for economic growth."
- World Bank Symposium, 2005

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